Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another cold morning

It's another cold morning here in Kentucky. I am having a hot cup of coffee and watching my 16 month old feed himself bananas and peaches. He is getting pretty good with his fork! It's amazing to watch another human being learn all of the things that I learned so many years ago.
Anyway, I am trying to decide whether to head out to my local thrift store or not. I love going to the thrift store and junk shops! You never know what you might come across. I would love nothing more in life than to have a job cleaning out attics of people who want none of the items up there! Think of all the treasures just hiding away in those dark musty places just waiting to be rediscovered! Many people would also say think of all the junk, dirt, dust and possibly spiders! Yikes!!! I would be willing to brave it all just for a peek into some forgotten old trunk. Sadly there was no attic in the house I grew up in. I feel like I missed out on something! I was just in my aunt's attic last weekend. She was showing me how she had finished some gorgeous quilts and they were stored up there....oh so many boxes and this mysterious handmade old wooden chest that she said was there when my grandmother and grandfather bought the house. I wanted to just throw open the lid and explore its' depths, but it's not my house and so I just followed my aunt back down the treacherously skinny and steep steps to the regular house wondering all the while what still waits to be seen in the dark!

A vintage picture of my aunt's house, where the attic awaits!

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